Soccer bets

Different Types of Soccer Bets Explained

Soccer holds the title as the world’s most watched and followed sport. Millions of loyal fans tune in religiously to watch all the action take place on the field, where players put on a striking display of remarkable skill and physical prowess.

It comes as little surprise that soccer fans spanning the globe, from New Zealand to New York, South Africa to South Korea, are all getting in on the latest soccer betting action. There are a number of different ways to bet on an individual soccer game, and knowing the different types of soccer bets should be your first point of call before delving into the exciting world of soccer betting.

Below are some of the most popular kinds of soccer bets:

Money Line Bets

Of the many types of soccer bets, money line bets are some of the most popular. There are two kinds of money line bets, namely the 3-way money line bet and the 2-way money line bet without the draw, each based on various outcomes.

3-way Money Line Bets:

This is a bet based on the three different outcomes of a match between two teams. As such, punters can place a wager on one of the following three results:

  • Team A wins
  • Team B wins
  • Draw between Team and Team B

2-way Money Line Bet without the Draw

This type of soccer bet is also commonly referred to as “Draw No Bet/ DNB”. You can make a wager on one of the following two outcomes of the match between two teams:

  • Team A wins
  • Team B wins

This type of bet removes the option of betting on both teams reaching a draw. As a result of this, most often you’ll find that the favoured team will have inflated odds to win the match since a draw results in no bet.

Double Chance

The objective of this bet is to select the winner of the match and if they win or draw with the opposing team- you win your bet. The odds are lower than a 2-way money line bet without the draw but it remains a safe option, especially if you’re new to making soccer bets.

Over/Under Betting

Also referred to as “Totals”, the objective of an over/under bet is to correctly forecast whether the score of both teams will be over or under the total displayed on the sports soccer betting site. You’re likely to come across phrases on Australian sports betting sites such as “Over 2.5 goals” or “Under 3.5 goals”- these refer to the total amount of goals set for the match. For example, if the total was set at “Over 2 goals” for a particular match, to win your wager you’ll need the total number of goals scored by both teams to total 3 or more goals.

Handicap Betting

A handicap bet is usually offered when there is a clear favourite between two teams with regards to a specific match. An example of this would be the reigning champions, Germany facing off against New Zealand’s All Whites at the next FIFA World Cup.  A small advantage by way of a handicap is given to the underdogs.

  • November 13, 2020