FAQs About Betting On eSports

The popularity of eSports is steadily rising. But since competitive video gaming remains relatively new an idea to many sports bettors, we’ve decided to compile a list of FAQs about betting on eSports. These will prove helpful especially when wanting to know how to get started.

Is Betting On eSports Legal?

Since betting on eSports is relatively new, several regions around the world have yet to pass legislation related to esports betting. But for now, the safest approach is to work from the assumption that https://onlinebettingnz.co.nz/esports/ is legal in regions where betting on traditional sports is legal and regulated.

Is eSports Betting Worthwhile?

Betting on eSports is as “worth it” as betting on traditional sports. Since success in either requires a certain amount of knowledge, experience, and just a general attitude of keeping up with developments, whether or not esports will prove worth your while will depend 100% on you.

A great attitude to adopt – regardless of whether you’re planning to bet on eSports or on traditional sports – is a combination of patience, a willingness to learn, and keeping your expectations reasonable.

Where Do I Bet On eSports?

The answer to this question all depends on the type of game you’re interested in betting on as well as the type of bet you’re looking to wager. There are a number of daily fantasy sites and online bookies offering eSports betting.

Since real-money betting is a good place to start, not to mention the type of eSports bet predominantly favoured, a good starting approach would be to avoid item and skin betting – at least until you’ve found your esports-betting-feet.

This makes those sites offering real money eSports betting a great place to start.

Are There Different Bet Types?

There are several types of eSports bets – with real-money eSports betting being the best starting bet there is.

Real Money eSports Betting: real money betting is, exactly as the name suggests, betting on eSports using real money. Similar to betting money on traditional sports for a chance to make a profit, real money betting on eSports focuses on investing a sum of money, making a series of informed decisions, and hopefully showing a profit.

Item or Skin Betting: the basic idea is the same as with real money betting, which is to invest something hoping to gain more value than the original investment. Skin betting is more applicable to the actual players of any given game, than to those merely interested in betting on that game. Skins are virtual items that have either been purchased in-game or unlocked by having achieved certain milestones. Since certain in-game items are considered rare finds, skins/items are now considered every bit as valuable as “real money”.

Fantasy betting: fantasy betting is mostly recreational. How it works is that a bettor is required to work with a specific budget. This budget must be used in such a way that a team worth betting on is eventually created. Fantasy points are awarded based on performance, and the bettor with the most fantasy points at the end of a contest, wins a cash prize.

  • September 2, 2020