How to Win in Pokies

Tips for Winning in Pokies

If there’s one thing that players in New Zealand love its pokies and what’s not to love? The wide range of options for themes and types will ensure that you never run out of new pokies to try out and the fact that they require little skill makes them particularly popular amongst new players. If you’re just starting out it’s a good idea to get a keep a few winning tips in mind to increase the chances of success and we’ve got fool-proof tips right here.

Identifying Nonsense Advice

The first part of developing a winning pokies strategy is being able to identify nonsense advice in order to not get caught up in bad advice that will only see your bankroll dwindle, not grow. Here are some of the most popular bogus pokies strategies which should be ignored at all times.

Hot and Cold Machines: This ‘strategy’ is rather self-explanatory and basically offers advice on how to identify hot and cold pokies and how players should bet in order to turn a cold pokie hot.

The Zig-Zag System: This is a particularly nonsensical strategy, but many a player at an online pokies NZ has fallen for it! The idea behind the Zig-Zag System is to identity patterns on the reels and if the symbols form a ‘V’ or an ‘X’ on the reels it means the pokie is getting ready to pay out.

Why both apparent pokies hacks are nonsense: Online pokies use Random Number Generator software which renders the above advice completely useless. Every single spin of the reels is a unique and random event, and the previous spin has no bearing on the next one.

Pokies Tips That Really Work

1. Bankroll management: the first tip to win in pokies is to minimise losses and only bankroll management can help you do this. Make sure to only set aside funds that you can afford to play with and do not deviate from how much you can afford to spend per session.

2. Don’t Chase Losses: this could be the most important tip of all as chasing losses could see your bankroll dwindle very quickly. If you’re feeling frustrated by losses, take a break and only return to the reels once you’re feeling more settled.

3. Make Use of Bonuses: thanks to the saturation of the online casino industry, operators have had to incentivise new account creation, which lead to the development of welcome bonuses. Thanks to the incredible popularity of pokies many sign up bonuses are geared specifically for those who enjoy pokies and the bankroll boost could see you enjoying many free spins!

4. Get to Know Pokies: players in New Zealand should make sure they know the rules of their chosen pokies as not all pokies operate in the same way. If you can’t afford to have all 20 paylines activated, be sure you know how to deactivate some and be sure to study the paytable ahead of getting started.

Finding Top-Notch Pokies for New Zealand

If you haven’t as yet decided on casino, there are many top-notch sites which accept players from New Zealand which can make for an overwhelming experience when trying to decide on which is best! However, there are many online casino review and recommendation sites which cater specifically for players in New Zealand who put each recommended site through a stringent review process. This review process ensures that only fully-licensed and regulated online casinos are recommended and a wide range of pokies, iron-clad security software, and lucrative sign up bonuses are guaranteed!

  • November 13, 2020