Little Known Facts About The Casino Industry

The casino industry is an industry rich with history, incredible stories of instant millionaires made, and home to a city renowned for not even as much as batting an eyelid over some of the craziest requests ever made (and tailored for!) in the name of unbeatable customer service.

These are some of the more interesting little-known facts about casinos – perfect for knocking the socks off just about any old trivia night.

Howard’s Big Buy

The year was 1968 and the setting an early smaller-than-now-town Las Vegas. The late billionaire Howard Hughes, at the time without a doubt high as a kite from riding the excitement in the wake of his freshly sold Trans World Airways, was new to Vegas and looking for investment opportunities.

Hughes ended up moving into the two top floors of the Desert Inn, with the intention of sussing out the possibility of opportunities. His penthouse suite however faced the bright neon rotating slipper of the Silver Slipper Casino across the street. Not only did the light keep him up at night, but a bipolar and harrowingly paranoid Hughes soon concocted in his mind the notion that the tip of the shoe was kitted out with hidden cameras with the sole purpose of documenting his comings and goings at the Desert Inn.

And so, never one to sit about waiting for solutions to fall into his offbeat lap, Hughes immediately got to work buying the Silver Slipper for a reported $5.4 million. The Silver Slipper Casino is, sadly, no longer in existence, but the famous shoe can still be viewed by appointment at the Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas.

Cheating Vs Strategy

The Nevada Court of Appeal in 1995 acquitted the Hyland card counting team of all charges relating to cheating and conspiring to cheat – even after the gang had been caught cheating at Blackjack by managers at Caesars’ Circus Casino. The Judge ruled that the players’ conduct did not constitute cheating, but instead, represented the use of an intelligent strategy.

The Cunning Bill Brennan

William “Bill” Brennan on September 22, 1992 showed up for his job at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas in the same way he had been doing every other day. But on that particular day, unlike all other days, Brennan left carrying not only his coat (and supposedly a cat!), but also a bag containing Stardust Casino chips and cash to the value of half a million dollars.

No fellow-employee or security camera caught as much of a glimpse of a departing Bill Brennan and to this day, he hasn’t been seen either dead or alive.

A Tale Of Two Fountains

The famous Bellagio is home to more than one fountain. In fact, the Spa Tower’s Jean-Philippe Patisserie is where you’ll find the world’s tallest chocolate fountain. The fountain, which touches floor and ceiling, every day circulates at least 2,100 pounds of melted milk, dark and white chocolate through 500 feet of pipes.


  • August 7, 2020