Electronic Sports Betting in Detail for Punters

Electronic Sports Betting in Detail

ESports, or electronic sports, are a fairly new addition to the world of sports entertainment, but are rapidly gaining popularity on a daily basis. The electronic sports world is based around watching professional video game players in a competitive environment, with the best from around the world going head to head in exciting matches. The games are broadcast live via video feeds, which may be watched via YouTube or other similar websites. Betting on electronic sports games has likewise become extremely popular.

The games played in electronic sports depend on which games are currently popular. There are, however, a few main genres that are played, including digital sports games, one on one fighters, first person shooters, and real time strategy. Classics such as the Street Fighter franchise have been around since the original inception of electronic sports, while more modern shooters have been adopted as they increased in worldwide popularity.

Types of Games

The pace of electronic sports games changes dramatically depending on the game played. One on one fighters have extremely quick play times, and an entire match can be over in just a few seconds. Real time strategy games, on the other hand, can have rounds that last over an hour. It is because of this diversity that electronic sports are growing at such a steady pace, given that there is a style of game to suit all personal preferences.

It is also possible for those serious about playing video games to create their own team and attempt to break into the ESports environment. Few other sports have this level of openness to the general public, which further increases the wide spread popularity of the scene in general. Since electronic sports have only been around for just a few years, there are only a few professionally sponsored teams, with much room for more to be added to the rosters.

Wagering on Electronic Sports

Betting on Electronic Sports

The majority of modern online bookmakers like Ladbrokes at https://esportsbettingaustralia.com.au/review/ladbrokes offer wagering options for eSports betting. The specific games covered, however, may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. To see which electronic sports your bookmaker covers simply surf over to the appropriate area and view the lists. If you find the sport you are looking for not present, request that it be added at the customer support centre.

Betting options for electronic sports are much like any other sport. The more likely to win the team or player is, the less the payout will be for betting on that team or player. Sport betting is always a case of risk reflecting reward, so betting on an underdog will always offer a bigger payout. Remember that the higher the odds, the more the payout, and the lower the odds, the less the payout. Odds of 1:2, for example, are very low odds, and often referred to as even money. This means that if you bet $10, you will receive back $20 if that bet wins. It is a low risk bet, and so the payouts are also very low. 1:10, however, would result in a bet of $10 paying back $100.

  • September 16, 2022