A Quick Introduction to iPad 3 Card Poker

One of the first factors to clear up for anyone about to discover iPad 3 card poker is regarding the poker hand rankings. A straight is harder to get with only three cards than a flush. This is why it is ranked higher in this game. There is also a neat variation in betting options when playing iPad 3 card poker. Firstly, players can play against the dealer like blackjack, and then they can also play against the mathematical odds.

This is a unique poker variation and rather interesting to play. A game to enjoy for the fun value, because the other statistical issue to remember is that, generally, the newer versions of all the traditional games have a higher house advantage. Playing for fun is therefore generally the best option.

Despite swathes of poker games, some stand out in terms of generating authentic poker feel. There are literally hundreds of poker games or at least games that are called poker. Poker is constantly being reinvented, and another addition to these swelling ranks is the high action fast-paced game of 3 card poker. This game combines the core elements of Caribbean stud with Let It Ride, making this a fast decisive game.

The Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to get a better 3 card poker hand than the dealer, or, to receive a hand with at least a pair or higher. Before any dealing starts, you have to decide whether to bet against the dealers’ hand, wager that your hand will be a pair or better, or wager both ways. In iPad 3 card poker, all players are dealt three cards, including the dealer, face down. Upon review of their hands, players have the option to fold or play. Folding obviously results in the loss of all bets placed. The dealer then turns his cards over, and checks that it contains a queen or better. If it does, then the hand is said to qualify.

If the hand qualifies, the dealer turns over the players’ hands and sees whether they are a better poker hand. You win even money if you beat the dealer. If the hand does not qualify, all players still in the game receive even money on their ante bet, and the play wager is returned as a push.

In contrast to some other games of poker at online casino Singapore where the players’ hand does not count if the dealer fails to qualify, in iPad 3 card poker a players’ premium hand certainly does count. A good hand is paid quite a significant bonus; a straight is paid even money, three of a kind paid 4 to 1, and straight flush 5 to 1. Generally good dividends.

If you had decided to wager on your hand being a pair or better, then the dealers’ hand has no bearing on this wager. Any payout is based on the bonus aspect, namely a pair pays even money, a flush 4 to 1, a straight 6 to 1, three of a kind 30 to 1, and a straight flush will receive the notable payout of 40 to 1.

Some Basic Strategies and Statistics

Some basic strategies in iPad 3 card poker are to play like the dealer. If you have a queen or better, bet in the play spot or fold. The pair plus bet will win a quarter of the time, making it virtually pure luck wager. The dealer will qualify about two thirds of the time, and four out of every ten ante hands will win an ante bonus.

  • July 22, 2020