A Look at the Basics about Disco Inferno Online Slots

Disco Inferno is an online slot game, available now for mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. It is most notable for its unique theme, which aims to transport the player back to an era where disco was cool, bellbottoms were acceptable attire, and the term Disco Inferno still meant something. In this regard the game certainly achieves what it set out to do, blasting the player with short snippets of retro music, as well as making liberal use of the gaudy neon aesthetic of the seventies and early eighties.

One can’t help but notice, however, that the game doesn’t quiet live up to the high quality levels of some other games, as far as visual fidelity is concerned. The majority of symbols used in Disco Inferno are simply stylised playing card numbers, and this really is a bit disappointing considering the obvious amount of work that has gone into the music. In terms of game play, however, the game still delivers, and the interesting expanding wild card system still makes the game worth playing, even if just to nod along to the retro grooves.

Retro Symbol Designs

Get used to seeing nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, because Disco Inferno has them in spades. For example, many slots at https://onlineslotsau.com/no-download also have these icons. They, in fact, make up all the standard play symbols of this slots game. The only symbol of note in this department is the wild symbol, represented by the written word wild. This symbol may be matched with itself a minimum of three times and maximum of five times, as well as being able to match with all other symbols as a substitute.

The game may not be creative, but take a look at how much the wild symbol pays out if matching. Lack of creativity certainly is made up with amazing generosity. Forgetting the standard play symbols, the bonus symbols in the game are where the real money can be made, and where a few interesting innovations can be found.

Bonus Play Symbols

What would a retro disco be without a mirror ball, and in that regard Disco Inferno has you covered. The mirror ball is a bonus symbol, and if matched with itself grants fairly significant payouts, plus a number of free spins. If matching three times the player will instantly be awarded two times the initial bet for that spin, and if matching five times the mirror ball will payout a whopping one hundred times the initial bet.

The dancing wild, represented as a man doing the classic point to the sky dance move, will turn an adjacent symbol into a wild at random, offering more chances at creating winning sequences. And this brings us to the scatter symbol of the game, recognisable as the written words Disco Inferno. If landing this symbol three times the player will be taken to a second screen, which will display an old fashioned record in each place in the play area. The player may select a record to reveal a prize beneath, which will be added to the current balance. More records may be selected to gather more prizes, until a selected record is a booby-prize, ending the sequence and returning the player to the game.

  • September 22, 2020